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What We DoYou Need Clean Water

It's All About Your Quality of Life

You need clean water: for your skin, your laundry, your dishes, your plumbing, your appliances, and most of all for you and your family to drink.

Clean water begins with Water Treatment Systems, a division of Aquino Plumbing & Heating. Our experts can provide your home sparkling clean water by installing and maintain a system ideally suited to your families specific water needs.

The typical home water treatment system utilizes a standard capacity water cartridge, a filter cartridge that is placed inside a filter housing. The filters are typically 4.5” in diameter by 10” or 20” in height, They need to be replaced annually.

Water treatment systems generally use one or a combination of these five basic processes:

  • Disinfection methods (chlorination, ultraviolet light, etc.).
  • Filtration, including activated carbon filters.
  • Reverse osmosis.
  • Distillation.
  • Ion exchange (water softeners).

Choosing the type of system that’s right for your family can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Invite one of our water treatment specialists to meet with you and determine which system is best suited for your needs.

Do I need a Water Treatment System?

It’s an unfortunate fact that most tap and well water contains moderate to high levels of contamination from industrial and environmental pollution.

Whether it be a lake, river, glacier or well, all sources of water contain some level of contamination.
Some contaminants occur naturally (minerals) while others are man-made (chemicals and byproducts). Water from surface water (river or lake) is often exposed to acid rain, storm water runoff, farm pesticide runoff and animal and industrial waste. Water from groundwater (private wells or public water supplies), is often contaminated by disease-producing pathogens, seepage from landfills and septic systems, disposed hazardous household products and agricultural chemicals.

Most contaminant levels are not high enough to cause immediate sickness but are more likely to cause chronic health effects. With symptoms occurring long after repeated exposure to small amounts of the contaminants.

Benefits of a Whole House Water Treatment System

  • Clean, filtered water emerges from every water source in the house
  • Healthier showers & baths
  • Extended life of water using appliances and household pipes
  • Softened water with scale free showers and spotless glasses
  • Softer, brighter and longer lasting clothing
  • Healthier skin and hair, free of contaminants

Our Most Asked Questions

What testing is needed to evaluate my water supply?

There is no single test to determine if water is safe and on-site demonstrations are not an accurate indicator of contaminant levels. Aquino Plumbing & Heating tests water for suspected contaminants through a certified water testing laboratory.

How many gallons of treated water does the unit produce per day?

Understanding the amount of water your household needs is only a part of our process . We’ll ask you about how it is most used, so that our system recommendation  will be the most efficient and cost saving.

How will I know that the unit is not working properly?

Some of our systems feature an alarm or indicator light, to alert you to a malfunction.

Do you offer a maintenance plan?

Yes we do, because we are all about service. A maintenance plan from Aquino Plumbing & Heating offers you peace of mind knowing your water system is running smoothly and efficiently. Over the span of the year, your system will be subjected to buildups of unwanted material all of which were removed from your water. In order to maintain safe water quality, it is important to perform routine maintenance on your system.

Is there a warranty?

Warranties covering the treatment system mechanics vary by manufacturer, but some are as long as twelve years from date of purchase. We only use systems from leading manufacturers.

My water taste bad? What may be the cause and can it be corrected?

If you want to treat the drinking and cooking water at your sink, we suggest a Point of Use system. These usually involve reverse osmosis, which can remove lead, iron, fluoride, nitrates and many other contaminants. They can greatly improve the taste and the quality of your water by removing chlorine and other offensive tastes.

If you want to treat the whole house, we suggest a whole home approach, as mentioned above. This system is installed at the point where the water enters the home. We initially perform a water analysis, then determine which systejm is best suited for your particular water issues.

Isn't My Municipal Water Okay?

While water from a municipal source is treated, it may still expose you to contaminants. A whole house system provides you with extra protection throughout your home. Contaminants can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled from our lungs, so it is extremely important to be protected throughout the entire home.

How Long Does Installation of a System Take?

The actual installation time will depend on the placement of your water line inside the home. Typically installation takes between one and two hours.

How much does a whole house water filtration system cost?

For an average-sized home, a whole house water treatment system (including installation) costs between $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the features. Installing this type of system is not a simple procedure and should be done by a professional.

Are there "Forever Chemicals" in my water?

You put your health and that of your family above all other things. But unfortunately, the water quality here in New Jersey is disturbingly below health standards. Recent reports show that at least 74 public water systems in the state violate standards for three “forever chemicals.” The affected area includes approximately half a million people whose water exceeds the maximum allowable contaminant limit of at least one of the following PFNA, PFOA, and PFOS.

Woman enjoying the water in the shower under a water jet

What About a Water Softener?

A whole house softener does not work as a filter, but only softens hard water. We reccommend a whole house softener if you want a scale free environment and spotless glassware. A softener from Aquino Plumbing & Heating can be combined with any whole house filtration system and work together to provide clean and soft water throughout every faucet.

Water containing dissolved minerals is hard water, and hard water costs you in both money and comfort. It costs more to heat hard water. It makes laundry stiff and gray. Shower walls and tubs attract more soap scum, and need to use more detergent and soap to clean yourself, your clothing and your home. Most costly of all, it creates buildup in pipes, hot water heaters and boilers.

Aquino Plumbing & Heating installs and maintains customized water softening systems at affordable prices, including sodium-based regeneration, or potassium-based regeneration for clients who wish to limit their salt intake.

Learn how the water softening process works. http://home.howstuffworks.com/question99.htm

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