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WHAT WE OFFERTrusted Plumbing Professionals

With more expert plumbing technicians than other local plumbing & heating company, Aquino can promptly address your call.
Established customers can take advantage of our emergency services because plumbing issues do arise over holidays or weekends.
Our technicians have the expertise and training to get the job done correctly. Plus their work is reviewed online with our office before they leave the job site.
Sure we repair pipes but we also have technicians specifically skilled in the maintenance and repair of home boilers for heat or hot water.

Aquino Plumbing & Heating has experienced professional plumbers in fully stocked vehicles, ready to repair and install plumbing when you need it and where you need it.

Call us – we’ll help you choose the right material at the right price for your needs.

What We DoSome of Our Most requested Services

Our Technicians Have Been Very Busy

Pipe Repair

If it flows through a pipe, Aquino provides the piping: we pipe for water (including refrigerator icemakers and water dispensers), oil, propane, and natural gas. We can help you choose the piping that best fits your needs and your budget, whether it be traditional copper, new AquaPEX piping, a new piping system, or adding on to an existing system. No piping job is too large or small for us to handle.

Tips to keep your pipes from freezing in winter.

Fixtures, Faucets and Drains

We repair, replace and add fixtures, faucets and drains wherever they are found or needed: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, work rooms, or garages. Aquino also does fixtures, faucets and drains for appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and garbage disposals. No repair or replacement is too small or too detailed. We work with all manufacturers, from economical choices that fit within a tight budget to the most luxurious designer brands.

Sewer and Drainage Lines

Aquino installs and repairs sewer and drainage lines of all sizes and types, both within your home and from its main line to the street. We’ll assist you in choosing the right material for the job within your budget, from PVC drainage pipe to cast iron ‘Quiet Pipe.’ Toilets, sinks, washing machines, bathtubs, utility/wash sinks, showers, sump pumps, exterior drainage, and many other drain applications: Aquino has experienced plumbers you can trust to deal expertly with sewer and drainage systems.

Main Water Lines

When you need a main water line repaired or installed – from the street or well to the building – only the best, most experienced technicians will do. We repair and install main water lines as quickly as possible while preserving the highest quality demanded for the line that carries water to your family.

Hot Water Systems

There are many choices for hot water systems. You deserve a clear explanation of your options from an expert who has worked with all of them, and a reasonable price range for each choice. Aquino believes in giving you all the help you need to make your best choice when it’s time for a hot water system.

If your current system needs repair or maintenance, we’re also there for you. We’ve repaired and maintained every type of hot water system, and our trucks are stocked to meet demand.

Aquino technicians are experts in gas- or oil-fired as well as electric hot water heaters. We also provide, repair and maintain point-of-service water heating to give you instant hot water – the ‘green’ hot water choice that saves heating dollars and is ideal for limited installation space. For high hot water demand, we also install ‘endless hot water’ heaters that ensure the water will be hot when you want it to be.

Residential Boilers

From installing modern, more efficient boilers to maintaining and fixing your curent boiler, count on the experts with Aquino to keep your home warm and comfortable.

WHY CHOOSE USTrusted Plumbing Professionals

Courtesy may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to plumbing, but for us, it's one of the most important tools we carry.

Does anything wear on homeowners like the idea of dealing with plumbing problems? From the water heater to the sewer line, the Master Plumbers at Aquino take the pressure off of you (and put it in your shower lines). No other local plumbing contractors have the experience and capabilities that our team possesses, recognized professionals with a reputation for our committment to amazing service.

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